Handbag and Fashion Accessory Trends

Every woman wants to be distinct in the way they dress. They want to be noticed and singled out wherever they go. The way to do this is to wear the right fashion and more importantly use the right accessories. The most important being fashion handbags and shoes.

By accessorising an outfit, you can change a normal outfit into a brand new drop dead gorgeous one. This is the power of fashion accessories. By using accessories you can not only enhance your look but, you can also portray your personality. It is a well accepted fact that the accessories you use with your dress show your personality. Thus, choosing the right fashion accessories as per the occasion is very important. The right combination of a fashion handbag and other fashion accessories with your dress can help you set the mood as per your social as well as work requirements. Business attire is perfect for a work environment as the dress and the accessories together portray a work feeling. However, using this outfit for a party or even worse on a date can send the wrong information about you. It can show you off as a workaholic. Similarly, an evening gown is perfect for a party but wearing it to your office is the worst thing you can do. After all, you are going there to work not party.

Handbags as a norm are there to help women carry items such as books, pen, napkin, makeup kit, mirror etc. with them. In the past, they were designed with functionality in mind. But, today’s handbags are designed to look good. This new breed of fashion handbags provides the space for only bare essentials as they are specifically made to accentuate an outfit. Ideally your wardrobe should contain both functional as well as fashion handbags. The functional ones are for daily use while the fashion handbags are for occasional use often, each paired with only a few dresses. Another thing to keep in mind when opting for fashion handbags is to buy keeping your body type in mind. Small or petite handbags are great on a slim built woman but, on a plump woman it can look odd. Similarly, a very large handbag on a slim lady can be mistaken for luggage.

Shoes are the most sought after women fashion accessories. Every woman’s wardrobe will always have shoes, sandals and stilettos matching the dresses in there. This is one fashion accessory other than fashion handbags that can really enhance the overall look of a get up. Fashion jeweleries are also an indispensable part of any woman’s dressing room. A matching shiny earring or bracelet or a broach can make a mundane dress stand out. Fashion accessories do not need to be expensive; they can be cheap but as long as they accentuate the look. Buying accessories that can go with many different outfits is a safe choice to make. This eliminates buying new accessories for every new dress you get. However, remember the rule of thumb, accessories are only there to accentuate the overall presentation of your attire.

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5 Autumn Fashion Accessory Trends From Paris Men’s Fashion Week

American rapper Ben Haggerty, better known by his stage name, Macklemore, once commented, “I think what’s wrong with the fashion world, particularly men’s fashion, is the lack of creativity behind it.” Just one look at men’s fashion accessories for this fall reveals that this is not the case for this season at all!

And where better to learn about men’s trending styles than Fashion Week in Paris, France? While some of the new trends might seem outlandish, others will fit right into your current wardrobe. Here are some of the latest trends you can expect to see this autumn based on the runway shows.

1. Scarves – The scarves trending men’s fashion this fall are truly intense. Saint Laurent, noted for their free, youthful styles, offers an entire series of overly long, wool scarves with cable designs capped with fringe on either end. Meanwhile Belgian designer Maison Martin Margiela introduces exaggerated scarves of dyed lamb-fur with a pull-through slit that secures it around the wearer’s neck.

2. Hats – Keep warm and look stylish with the latest trend in hat fashions this fall. New York designer Thom Browne (who designs for the likes of Michelle Obama) introduces a boxy-style top hat for men. Japanese fashion label Comme des Garçons, on the other hand, paraded models up and down the catwalk while wearing leather hats resembling rabbit and mouse ears.

3. Shoes – Step out in style with the latest in men’s footwear this season. Belgian designer Raf Simons always delivers highly anticipated designs and Fall 2013 is no different, with sneakers for Adidas that reflect innovative style while meeting the demands of high athletic performance.

4. Bags – From backpacks to briefcases, autumn fashion trends offer men a wide range of bag choices. French fashion house Lanvin offers a large poly-wool blend 48-Hour Bag large enough to hold a change of clothes for a trip to the gym or an overnight business trip. For a less formal look, Paris-based, high-fashion designer Hermès offers a gray tote with maroon leather detail and a solid black leather duffle bag.

5. Cufflinks – If you’re not ready to fully immerse yourself in this season’s fashions, at least splurge on a pair of cufflinks. Industrial themes wrapped in British luxury dominate new styles available and will appeal to both Steampunk enthusiasts and Wall Street executives alike, from Alfred Dunhill’s carbon fiber cufflinks inspired by turbine engines to Robert Tateossian’s interactive, mechanical cufflinks that sport fully functioning watch gears.

Men’s fashion accessories for this autumn are merely a starting point and a great way to transition your look from summer to winter, especially if your budget does not allow for an entire new wardrobe. A word of caution — be careful when mixing prints and solids. If you decide to go with patterns in your accessories, then stick with solid hues for the primary clothing in your outfit, and vice versa.

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Fashion Accessory Trends For Women

As much fun as clothing itself is, many women believe that adding accessories is where it really gets fun. Here are a few accessory trends springing up this year.

1. Feathers on hair accessories. While these can look ridiculous, when done properly, they can give a charming, elf-like look when done in a subtly toned headband with the feathers encircling the head like a laurel wreath.

2. Statement jewelry. No, it isn’t quite a throwback to the 80s, but the influence is definitely there. Statement jewelry is big, powerful, “notice me” jewelry, such as an enormous pendant or eye-catching earrings. This trend will most likely carry over into fall 2009 as well.

3. Movie star sunglasses. Big dark shades are as popular as ever this spring. Round frames are fresh looking, as are unusual takes on the classic Wayfarer design, such as white frames. But the classic tortoiseshell frame in a voluptuous, rounded off square is a style of sunglasses that looks to remain hot for a long time.

4. Hats. Hats are increasing in popularity for their ability to punctuate an outfit and set you apart from the crowd. A light or white straw fedora for summer over a lightweight blouse and jeans is a great look that most anyone can look good in.

5. Big, gorgeous handbags. While evenings do tend to require tiny, impractical bejeweled clutches, the rest of the time you can carry all your stuff in a substantial handbag in a tote style, or even an oversized “bowling bag” style. In classic dark leather, nothing looks better.

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